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We tailor property assessments to fit your needs. Whether you require an inspection of a retail strip mall, educational facilities or commercial office towers, ARC provides timely and cost effective services.
Because of the risks and costs associated with the ADA, no commercial property should change hands, either by sale or lease, without accessibility survey. At ARC, we have over 15 years experience providing successful educational facilities assessments and commercial retail and office plan reviews and inspections.

The expertise we have with ADA compliance allows us to provide cost effective solutions for the most complex issues that even the most experienced architects, attorneys, builders and governmental officials encounter.

* STATE AND FEDERAL COMPLIANCE: Serious conflicts exist between the ADA and state building codes. In some cases, compliance with state requirements can produce a violation of the ADA. The leadership at ARC has the capacity for interpretation of complex technical aspects of conflicting compliance requirements.

We look forward assisting your accessibility compliance needs.
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